SBOT Restriction Update

8 days ago 

Dear players,

Since our old method was being bypassed, we introduced a completely new SBOT blocking system.

Now, if you login with sbot, you can do everything yourself, but SBOT will not be able to.
You can use SBOT as a pet filter, auto alchemy etc. But not for attacking/botting.

If you encounter any problem please let us know.
Creddy Online Team.

Eid-El Adha CP Donation Bonus!

3 months ago 

Dear players,
The Sacrifice Feast (Eid El-Adha) is upon us.
For that, there will be huge CP Bonuses between
28 August - 5 September. Happy Feast!

Sro-World (Egypt) Donations will have 150%,
SuperRewards (Global) Donations will have 100%,
MaxiGame (Turkey) Donations will have 100%.

Holy Water Uniques Scrolls are also added to Item Mall.
Creddy Online Team.

PVP Reborn Patch Notes 1,902

4 months ago 

Dear players,
We mode some balance changes and fixes.

- All Event Teleports (Maze, Drunk, Survival) are fixed.
- Immortal Price changed to 250m + 200silk.
- Trade Rates are increased by 2x.
- Gold Drop rate is increased by 1.5x.
- 12D Quests are removed.
- Trace, Bard skills are now allowed.

Creddy Online Team.
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